Weimar Cabaret at the Barbican

30 Sep


BARRY HUMPHRIES 3333 2018-09-30_17-42-52


BARRY HUMPHRIES AND MEOW MEOW 12 2018-09-30_17-37-35

Meow Meow deserves 5 Stars!  She’s beautiful, such talent and a great singer.

BARRY HUMPHRIES 711 2018-09-30_18-06-29

Satu Vanska deserves 5 Stars! She’s also beautiful, a great violinist, musical director and she also sings! What more could you ask for?

BARRY HUMPHRIES 4711 2018-09-30_18-13-55

The Aurora Orchestra deserves 5 Stars! Their sound is unbelievable and a pleasure to hear.

Now, Barry Humphries! As Dame Edna and Sir Les Patterson a brilliant star, and he has made a fortune out of being both characters. The memory of those two characters is impregnated into our minds. See Barry Humphries and you see either Dame Edna or Sir Les Patterson.


I understand the Barbican starring Barry Humphries in Weimar Cabaret as the ‘Speaker and Voice’ because his name would sell tickets, and it is his show, but, truthfully, anyone could have done it. Every time he put his hands in his trouser pockets (which he did frequently), I expected him to adjust his ‘appendage’ a la Sir Les. At least that would have got a laugh, which we certainly didn’t get from him as a straight compere. If he hadn’t have been there it really wouldn’t have mattered. What he had to say could have been printed in the programme. Barry Humphries is a brilliant artist, but he should stick to what he, and only he, can do so brilliantly, Dame Edna and Sir Les Patterson. Playing it straight as a compere is definitely a No-No!


But apart from that, everything about the show was Great!, and a pleasure to watch.


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One response to “Weimar Cabaret at the Barbican


    September 30, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    I’m working with Meow MEOW at the moment. She is playing Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls at the Albert Hall no less!! Wish you were here!! X


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