Suki Super Star, My Beautiful Chinchilla Cat

Suki Zee born 29th.June 1976 – 24th.February 1992


Suki Zee was a super star from the day she was born. She was the daughter of the Kosset Carpet Cat (for those of you that can remember the ads on television), a Chinchilla cat that was renowned for its beauty. You didn’t bother to look at the carpet. Pedigree cats and dogs do not have the lifespan of normal mongrels, but Suki lived for over 16 years, which is unheard of for a pedigree. So it goes to show that love and care and a little work and a lot of pampering all helped to make for a longer life.

From the moment Suki arrived in Barons Keep she took over the household. Her beauty was outstanding; she looked as though she had been made up by Mr.  Max Factor. She wasn’t shy, she was aloof and she walked like a model and behaved like a Queen.   Being beautiful was in her genes and as her personality developed she became more and more like Miss Piggy, she ruled the roost. By the time Scorpio arrived in our household she was running the place.

When I went to see Rosemary Gowdy her breeder and she showed me all the cats that were for sale. She saved Suki till last, I know why, she was a Super Star and much more expensive than all the rest and I immediately fell in love with her.

  I had already explained to Rosemary that I wanted to use the cat in my Magic Act and she had her doubts about allowing me to have one of her cats. That’s how particular she was. But then when we talked she realized that I wasn’t just going to do anything that would cause her any harm, for one thing she cost too much!

Suki with her pet Cheetahs

When Scorpio finally arrived this little bundle a quarter the size of Suki, he like us, fell in love with her and whenever he was out of his cage he would try to kiss her. But Miss Piggy just didn’t want to know and she would just swipe him one, being so beautiful she just had to have her way. It was her prerogative, to Scorpio it made no difference he loved her and that went on all his life.

Suki and Zee

 Hey Zee!  I’m ready for my manicure.

Is that my early morning call?

Whilst Scorpio was small Suki could hold her own with him but slowly as he grew we knew that we would have to keep them apart. Scorpio just wanted to play , but he didn’t know his own strength. So whenever Scorpio was out of his cage we would either put Suki in one of the bedrooms or in Scorpio’s cage so she could watch proceedings and pose beautifully and torment Scorpio who would try to kiss her.

One day I returned home from rehearsals at the Casino de Paris and passed the windows of the apartment only to see Suki frantically clawing at the glass and directly behind her Scorpio with a mouth full of white fur. Somehow he must have got out of his cage. I rushed into the flat expecting to see blood everywhere and the partly mangled remains of Suki. But no when they heard the key in the door they both rushed towards me. Suki threw herself into my arms and Scorpio just lumbered up to me and rubbed himself up against my leg. I must say that my heart was pounding at the time.

Suki making the rounds with her pet mouse Barbara

She would always take Barbara for a morning walk


Suki in her Four Poster Bed

Suki in the garden of Juliet Prowse’s house in Las Vegas  which we rented in 1983


Suki would make her stage appearance from a bouquet of feather flowers she would then pose with me for a while whilst she received her applause.

Suki onstage

The Super Star appears

Waiting for her applause

Then she would enter her box to be vanished and turned into a silk.

That was all the work she did all day. The moment she came off stage she had to be fed immediately otherwise she would scream the place down. This was her ritual whether we played once or twice nightly it was always the same  ‘she had to be fed’.  She knew her worth and that was it! Whether she ate her food or not, she had to see it.

After all she was a SUPER STAR.


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