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The Magic Castle at Seven Dials

The Magic Castle was a brilliant concept to establish a home for magic in London that had disastrous results. A home for magic that was supposed to run for years and finished up with 6 weeks of exhausting rehearsals and only a 3 month run. You can read the whole story here:

The Magic Castle at Seven Dials


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From Actor To Zee: An Interview With Eric Lindsay

Photo by Barclay Shaw, Las Vegas.

Around 1998 my agent contacted me to tell me that there was an Advertisement in the “Stage” paper. Someone was looking for me. By this time I was “Zee” and not a lot of people knew where Eric Lindsay was.

That is how I came to meet Andi Brooks, who has over the years become my very good and trusted friend. He was living in Bath, and he told me that he would come up to London to interview me for his up and coming book on Bela Lugosi which he was calling “Vampire over London.”

Andi interviewed me again earlier this year. This time we talked about my whole life and career.

I hope you enjoy his interview which you can read here:

From Actor To Zee: An Interview With Eric Lindsay


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Zee & Co. Photo Gallery

All my life I loved the art of magic and illusion.

Not the little small magic with cards and dice, etc., but the grand style of real magic with furniture.

Ladies floating in the air and vanishing!

People being saw in half!

People disappearing and reappearing from nowhere!

A girl being turned into a leopard!

All this was the magic that I wanted to do and that is how “ZEE & CO” was born.

You can view a collection of my photos, which I shall be adding to from time to time, in the Zee & Co. Photo Gallery


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