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My Love Affair with B Pictures and Joan Davis

My love for the B picture goes back over 70 years. These movies, which were usually made on the cheap, and filled the programme with a first feature, were to me more entertaining than the main film. Murder, mystery and comedy films were a great part of the B pictures, with such artistes as The 3 Stooges, The Ritz Brothers, and also Joan Davis.          



If you want to know all about my “love affair” with Joan Davis and my life-long fascination with the Orient follow this link:

My Love Affair with B Pictures and Joan Davis



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My 24 weeks with Bela Lugosi in Dracula.

The truth about a show that some said was a flop, yet it ran for 24 weeks.

Bela Lugosi’s 1951 British revival tour of Dracula was written-off as a complete disater, supposedly closing after a few disaterous performances, by Lugosi “historians” for 50 years until my friend Andi Brooks published the true story in “Vampire Over England: Bela Lugosi in Britain.” The play toured for 24 weeks and received many rave reviews. I should know because I played Renfield opposite Bela Lugosi throughout the tour.

You can read about it here: 

My 24 Weeks with Bela Lugosi in Dracula.


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From Actor To Zee: An Interview With Eric Lindsay

Photo by Barclay Shaw, Las Vegas.

Around 1998 my agent contacted me to tell me that there was an Advertisement in the “Stage” paper. Someone was looking for me. By this time I was “Zee” and not a lot of people knew where Eric Lindsay was.

That is how I came to meet Andi Brooks, who has over the years become my very good and trusted friend. He was living in Bath, and he told me that he would come up to London to interview me for his up and coming book on Bela Lugosi which he was calling “Vampire over London.”

Andi interviewed me again earlier this year. This time we talked about my whole life and career.

I hope you enjoy his interview which you can read here:

From Actor To Zee: An Interview With Eric Lindsay


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