” The Great Thomsoni ” dies at 84. A Tribute to Johnny Thompson.

19 Mar

Johnny Thompson


The Death of a Great Magician and Friend.

Today I was deeply saddened by the news of the death of Johnny Thompson.

I consider Johnny and Pam as two of my friends, and Pamela must be lost without him.

THE GREAT THOMPSONI AND PAM 2019-03-19_17-26-13

“The Great Thomsoni and Pam”

I first met “The Great Thomsoni and Pam” when I was starring in the show at the Scala Melia Castilla in Madrid.


The show was on the same lines as the Lido in Paris. Including ice rink, swimming pool, lifts, in fact the lot! You name it, we had it. So as with the Lido in Paris, the star also appeared in the two main principal production numbers as well as doing my own Act. One of these numbers included an audience participation comedy number with myself and also the comedy speciality magic act on a motor bike who had a spot in the show.

Before Johnny and Pam arrived I did the number, which I used to dread with a cSpanish (so called) Comedy magician who, fortunately for me, got the sack.

THE GREAT THOMPSONI AND BIRDS. 2019-03-19_17-28-15

Johnny and his Doves

Then “The Great Thomsoni” arrived! He was known as the Polish Magician and, low and behold, the ‘Good Fairy’ was looking down on me. Johnny and Pam were here! We rehearsed and it was like magic! I have never ever enjoyed working with another magician so much in all my life as I did with Johnny Thompson. Every night was a joy! It was such fun! He was the kindest, most generous artist you could ever wish to work with. We clicked working together from the very first moment and it just lasted. We became great friends. Their own act was a riot, with laughs all the way.

THE GREAT THOMPSONI AND PAM 2 2019-03-19_17-30-03

Johnny and Pam

Most nights after the late show, Johnny and Pam would come to our apartment ,which was opposite the Scala Melia Castilla, for dinner. Ray would cook a variety of dishes, their favorite was his Roast Lamb with baked potatoes. Ray was a superb cook.

The last time that I saw Johnny and Pam was just after Ray had died and I wasn’t really good company for them. They were in London where they had just done a Gala for Magicians, and were now on their way back to Las Vegas. We had lunch together and then we went to the National Portrait Gallery. That was many years ago, but we always stayed in touch by email (very handy). Still after all those years we remained friends.
To try and describe Johnny’s act with Pam would not do him justice.

The act had starred in Las Vegas productions such as the Folies Bergere at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino and the Lido de Paris at the Stardust Hotel and Casino.

“The Great Thomsoni” toured Internationally, performing at the London Palladium, the Theatre Princess Grace in Monte Carlo, Le Cabaret at the Casino in Monte Carlo, the Casino Ruhl in Nice, France, and the Scala Melia Castilla in Madrid, Spain with me.
THE GREAT THOMPSONI SAVE 2019-03-19_18-52-33

Here is the link for you to be able watch a Master at Work.

Classical comedy magic act…. AMAZING Disappearing Magic Trick IMPRESSES Magic!

God Bless you Johnny! ‘Rest in Peace’

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