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The Two PeopleWho Hold A Very Special Place In My Heart


The Statue of Liberty, New York


Ray and Angie

It was such a joy for me to return again to New York, just to see my beloved Angie once again. The happiness of seeing her once more, gives me such a warm and glad feeling in my heart. She has never changed, just the same sweet girl who I first met many years ago through George Kovari the Magician. When I think about it, it was George who literally forced me to engage her to become my principle assistant in “Zee & Co.”, and I thank God that he nagged and badgered me, and cajoled me, and insisted that I take her. I am indebted to him forever, otherwise a part of my heart would be empty and I would have lost out completely!

(This is a note that Angie gave me)



              Ray and Angie in our flat in Barons Keep

I’ve written so much about Ray, that you must be sick and tired of me mentioning him. But unfortunately he is just stuck there in my heart, and always will be.  Not a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of him. It’s nearly 30 years since he died, and I’m still here!!!     I’m beginning to sound like bloody Queen Victoria, and truthfully, and unfortunately for me, that is the way the dice has been cast!


My first night there we ate Dinner again at the delightful ‘Trattoria del Arte’, with Randy her husband who took time out to see me from his busy work schedule. The food was excellent as always, plenty of Pino Grigio Wine which happens to be my favorite. It was there that she showed me the photo of herself and Ray, which she promised to have copied for me, before I left New York.

The noise in the Restaurant of the New Yorkers enjoying their food and talking happily was something I had forgotton about. It was so loud but everybody was enjoying themselves and having a good time, and that really is what life is all about. I had just forgotten that I was back in New York.

NEW YORK VIEW AT NIGHT 2018-05-16_12-30-07

New York at Night


The Lights of Broadway

Angie took me to see 2 shows whilst I was in New York.

“Boys in the Band” and “Anastasia”

THE BOYS IN THE BAND 2 CCI09172018_0002

The “Boys in the Band” I was so disappointed in, for one thing apart from the 3 principles.

THE BOYS IN THE BAND CAST 2018-09-17_15-31-31 Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto and Matt Bomer

I couldn’t hear a lot of what the rest of the cast were saying. Of course! At my age I could be going deaf! It wasn’t a bit like I remembered it, and to be truthful I didn’t really enjoy it. I was told later by my very good friend Judson Barteaux when we met again for lunch, when I was in Fort Lauderdale, that part of the script had been changed “Political Correctness” why is it that a part of a play or even more seriously part of the World’s History and Heritage is just being changed and lost forever? This is a question that bothers me constantly. We are losing our very existence. Why, do people want to change everything? When it’s not even for the better!


Anyway to round off the evening we went to Sardi’s for dinner, this happens to be one of my favorite Restaurants in New York. Very Theatrical!


The following night we saw “Anastasia”.



ANASTASIA COLOURED 2 2018-09-17_15-21-12

Now, that was another thing altogether!

ANASTASIA THEATRE FRONT 52018-09-17_16-24-52

The Broadhurst Theatre

ANASTASIA ARRIVING IN PARIS. 882018-09-17_16-55-36

Christy Altomare who plays Anastasia is outstanding.


The Court of Tsar Nicholas 11 of Russia.

ANASTASIA SINGING PARIS SCENE 10 2018-09-17_23-27-21

Anastasia’s arrival in Paris

ANASTASIA THE TRAIN RIDE2018-09-17_16-49-53

The Train Station in Moscow, where they take the Train to Paris and the Train Journey. I’ve never seen anything like this on any Stage before. Can you imagine a train ride from Russia to France? Unbelievable! ! !

ANASTASIA THE TRAIN RIDE 44 2018-09-17_16-47-41

The Train twists and turns through the Russian Countryside and all the various countries they pass by, and the various weather conditions, and the foliage changing with the climate. There are Maps showing their route as they go on their way through to Paris.

ANASTASIA THE TRAIN 11 2018-09-17_16-27-32

The Train Journey through the Russian country side.

ANASTASIA THE TRAIN 22 2018-09-17_16-42-56

The final arrival of the Train through a Forest of Red Maple Trees in full blossom leading, parting, and opening into Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Has to be one of the most beautiful scenes, to be seen on any Stage.

ANASTASIA THEATRE SCEBE 5 2018-09-17_16-17-07

The whole Show is quite amazing! It has to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen on Broadway. You just cannot fault it.  It is perfection! When it comes to London see it and enjoy it. It should be No.1 on your bucket list.  

After seeing such a wonderful Show which was so amazing, Angie and I went to Joe Allen’s, another one of my favorites. Great food at this Restaurant. Theatrical also! Can’t help it the Theatre’s in my blood!


Then a last lunch at Barney’s with Angie and Randy. The time passed so fast. I would have loved to have spent more time with her. But time seems to go so quickly these days, and I’ve been around for such a long, long, long time!


Barneys New York

NB. (I have to explain that Barney’s is a sort of cross between Fortnum & Mason and Harrods all rolled into one. Quite Ritzy!)

That is where Angie gave me the the framed photo of her and Ray in Barons Keep, and the following morning I caught the Amtrak Train to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Which is another story. You wouldn’t believe it!!!    To be continued:-




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