Angie, a Great Lady

22 Jun

Digital Camera

The Lovely Angela Zablo

30 years is a lifetime when one has not seen a friend, and these thoughts were confronting me when I traveled to New York to meet up with Angie Zablo nee Jackson, who was my “Lady From the Light” when Zee and Co. was a headline illusion act.

In 30 years she and her husband Randy have built up a multi million dollar business called Foremost Ram Caterers, which is the No.1 catering business in New York, and of which she is the Vice President.  

Will she have changed? Will she be different now that she is in the million dollar bracket? All these thoughts were running though my mind before we met. I need not have had any doubts! She was the same lovely Angie that she always was, only more so. The warmth and love that came from this wonderful woman was boundless. Nothing was too much for her. To be truthful I have spent 15 of the most wonderful days of my life with a great lady. It surpassed anything I could have imagined.

We did everything, saw everything, and we went everywhere! We saw six terrific shows including “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder”, “It’s Only a Play”, “Aladdin”, “The Visit”, “The Audience” and to top it all the wonderful Tony Awards, which had to be the real icing on the cake. What more could I ask for? Oh yes, we also went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a group called Museum Hack and we took their VIP Tour. Michelle was our guide, and it was  fun from start to finish, and a must for anyone visiting the Great White Way. I know you must be thinking, “Museums! Ugh! Not for me!” but this is the funniest, craziest, and most interesting tour you could possibly take. The group that Museum Hack take is only small, but be sure to take a camera and good walking shoes with you. You just don’t want to miss it.

Digital Camera

Angie and I having early drinks at the Hilton Hotel Midtown prior to going to the Tony’s.

From the first day when I arrived in New York, until the last when Angie and I had lunch together at Barneys on 60th. and Madison Avenue, The whole trip was truly just magical.                                                                                                                Angie you really are a wonderful lady!

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