Ray Jackson Photo Gallery

04 May

Ray Jackson (1931-1989) started his career at the age of 12 at the Old Vic, which was at the New Theatre during the War, when he led Ralph Richardson,as the Blind Muse, onstage in “Oedipus Rex”. From there his career just skyrocketed.

His theatre credits include “The Hidden Years,” “Inner Circle,” “The Streeter Case,” “Murderers Child,and “Frieda,” in which he appeared in both the stage and film versions.

He also made many T.V. and Film appearances, including “La Belle Helene” and “The Final Test“,  “Dunkirk”   “Those Dangerous Years” :Yangtse Incident” etc, etc.  

In fact, by the age of 17 he was a star.

The Ray Jackson Photo Gallery is my photographic tribute to a man who was a brilliant young actor and one of the kindest people in the world. I will be adding more photographs all the time.

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